Saturday, 13 February 2016

‘Dalton zoo’s £4m expansion plan is good news for Furness’

A MULTI-MILLION pound zoo expansion will boost the area, an enterprise group has claimed.

On Monday, the South Lakes Animal Park was granted planning permission to begin work on a £4m expansion.

Work to treble the size of the zoo is set to begin next month and will result in new jobs and animals coming to Dalton.

And the decision has been welcomed by a key agency which fights for Furness.

Stuart Klosinski, industrial development manager at Furness Enterprise, said the expansion is a much needed boost for the area. Mr Klosinski said: “We believe this is wonderful news for tourism in Furness.

“It’s also great news for the residents of Dalton who will no longer have traffic going past their houses and it will create much needed jobs.

“It will also be a great boost to the local construction industry.

“This marks the completion of several years of hard work by David Gill and his team which we are delighted to have been able to support all the way through. We hope it will create another 30 jobs at least and it will attract more people into the area.

“In these difficult times it’s the sort of good news we need and it comes on top of BAE doing well with manufacturing in Barrow. What we need now is some good news for Ulverston.”

The zoo, which was opened 18 years ago, was granted planning permission by national body the Planning Inspectorate.

More than 300,000 people poured through the gates to the park last year, and it is hoped that the new park facilities will increase visitor numbers in the future.

Zoo owner David Gill has pledged to continue expanding the park.

Mr Gill said: “I won’t stop expanding because in 18 years we haven’t stopped changing it, building it and making it better.

“I can’t see that when this improvement is done that we will be stopping making further improvements.

“It’s all about making a safer, more enjoyable experience for both the visitors and the animals.”

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My alien friend,I am neither anti Barrow nor anti Dalton,I am against imposter's like you that use my name to peddle your hatred for decent peoples abodes borne through no fault of their own.Your articles serve no purpose other than to drive wedges between communities that are already suffering under vicious assaults from London.As things are at the moment,Ulverston isn't fairing to bad-I stress at the moment-whereas Barrow and indeed Dalton are well under the proverbial hammer.Think again my imposter friend before peddling your vitriolic comments as its not always compliments that are returned.

Posted by (the real)Merlin Godwit on 6 March 2012 at 16:39

Well imposter, if you are from Ulverston why do you insist in posting inaccurate anti Dalton and/or pro Barrow bstatements under my name, in fact posting comments that are contrary to my views. ..... I will once again point out to the moderators; why do you allow the imposter to post, please check his e-mail address!

Posted by merlin godwit on 6 March 2012 at 12:58

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