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Find a perfect gift

TAKE inspiration from our guide to choosing a prefect gift for the bride and groom

MOST couples today have already made a home together before they even think about marrying.

They have the house or apartment, the carpets and the furniture. They’ve decorated to their hearts desire and bought curtains, bed linen and towels.

Everything they need to cook a meal and eat it in style is all there ready in the kitchen.

So what’s left for the wedding guest to choose as a gift for their friends or relations?

Most soon-to-be-married couples go for a wedding list. It makes life easier for the guest, and the bride and groom get things they want.

When these wish lists first became the fashion, thoughtful couples (or more likely the female half) would buy a little notebook, write a wish on each page and get a friend or relation to pass the book around.

Guests could choose the gift they would like to buy, tear out the page and then find something that matched at a price they could afford.

Now wish lists are no longer made up of things for the home. Couples who have already set up house together can be more inventive. They might chose something for the garden – a sculpture, a hot tub, even a garden makeover.

Some enterprising couples ask for contributions towards a memorable experience – their honeymoon, a holiday from a specialist tour operator, a period of college study.

Those with definite hobbies might go for wine, sporting goods or a musical instruments. And there is a growing trend towards the couple with everything asking guests simply to make a donation to charity, or pay for a gift for those less fortunate.

That’s not to say there isn’t still room for the good old fashioned favourites like china, glasses and towels; electrical goods, soft furnishings or arts and crafts.

It’s more than likely the bride and groom will have chosen the store for you and set up a list of specific items, either on line or through the store’s own wedding organisers.

Debenhams’ on Portland Walk, Barrow, will be launching their new wedding list service at The Designer Wedding Fair at Abbey House Hotel on February 21, brought to you by the Evening Mail.

There’s a special incentive for the bride and groom to register their gift list at the event as they will receive a free bottle of bubbly, plus gift cards and a free prize draw.

For the guests, Debenhams are offering free delivery of any gift or can set up a system – if the bride and groom chose – of taking money pledges towards gifts or for charity.

While it’s convenient for both the wedding couple and the guests to have a list to choose gifts from, it’s often nice to find something a little more personal.

If you know the bride or groom well, and have an idea just what they would like, than it’s perfectly okay to honour the occasion with a gift you choose yourself locally.

Murray’s of Dalton Road, Barrow, have a whole floor of suitable gifts – and sales staff who couldn’t be more helpful. Vases, table accessories, photograph frames, lamps, coffee table gifts, Cchampagne glasses and simple figurines are all laid out for you to choose between.


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