Monday, 08 February 2016

Go like grease lightning at Dalton chip eating contest

I HAVE always considered myself to be a relatively healthy eater.

Unlike many people in this country, I have no issues with eating green vegetables and usually manage to achieve my five-a-day.

So I was slightly nervous when I heard I was to be entered in the “Who ate all the fries?” contest, which took place at 20 in Dalton on Thursday evening.

The competition involved participants eating a mountain of fries, provided by neighbouring takeaway Kitchen Wizard, as quickly as they could to win prizes.

Weighing in at just over 10 stone I knew that I would need some preparation to give me a chance of scooping the crown.

To ensure I was fighting ‘fat’ for my challenge, I went online to seek some tips on how best to take on an eating challenge.

It is a common misconception that you should starve yourself before an eating challenge. In actual fact, this causes your stomach to shrink and results in you being able to eat less.

After pondering the best route of attack, I opted to eat four oatcakes over the course of the morning.

When I arrived at 20, I sized up my competition and prepared myself for the challenge.

The competition was split into three heats, with nine people taking part in total.

Contestants had six minutes to finish their plate and were only allowed to consume one pint of liquid during this period.

Ever the professional, I turned down the offer of a free pint and instead went for water. The chips were brought out and my initial thoughts were the portion wasn’t as big as I feared.

And in a matter of seconds we were off. I took the pot of ketchup I had been given and tried to spread it evenly across the fries to aid their digestion.

I opted to go for small, but rapid handfuls and initially my tactic was working as I took an early lead. However as I delved into my fries they became harder to digest and I noticed my two competitors were catching up. As we neared the end of the challenge, it was very close and my confidence grew. My earlier tactic of spreading the sauce was my downfall, though, as I struggled to keep hold of the last few ketchup-covered chips, which slithered from my hand.

As I stuffed the last few down, I realised I had been beaten by a swallow. However, my time of three minutes and 40 seconds was good enough for me to secure second place.

The winner from each heat went through to the final, where Stuart Cooper polished off his fries quicker than anyone else.


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