Friday, 12 February 2016

Irresponsible dog owners in Barrow Borough issued with strict warning

IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners are being warned “we will find you and we will prosecute you”.

NO NONSENSE: From left. PCSOs John McVea and Michelle Jones, Alan Barker, Barrow Borough Street Care Manager, Jen Eaton from Barrow dog pound and Bill Burrows, dog warden MILTON HAWORTH REF: 50029999B001

Barrow Borough Council, in partnership with the police and the dog pound, is staging a number of out of hours dog poo patrols in a bid to catch animals in the act.

The team targeted reported hot spots throughout the borough in a series of late night patrols this week.

One of the areas they targeted was Little Fields lane, in Dalton, on Tuesday night.

Piles of dog dirt lined the pathway, commonly used as a short cut through the town.

Unfortunately, the team did not catch any irresponsible owners letting their dog mess without clearing it up.

But Alan Barker, streetcare manager for the borough council, did get the chance to speak to some responsible dog walkers while out on patrol.

He said: “We talked to a few dog owners but they were responsible owners who had poo bags with them. They did promise to report others if they saw them not cleaning up after their dogs.

“The whole point of this was to let people know that we’re not just out there from nine to five, we’re there early morning and late night too.”

And as for Little Fields lane, he added: “I’ll have a word with Biffa about cleaning that up in the morning. We’ll also look at increasing patrols in that area.”

He said his officers were out and about in the borough all the time, tackling issues such as dog fouling.

He said: “I’m reassured in the way that staff have come forward to help with the problem.

“We’ve all identified it as a major issue and we’re all pulling together to combat it.

“The people we’ve spoken to have told us they recognise how hard it is to catch people in the act. We need their help and the more information people can give us, the better.”

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I walk to work and find the nearer you get to the town centre the more dog muck there is!!! Greengate Street is a disgrace specially on the bit of the path over the railway line. There are schools at both ends of this street so lots of small children are walking through all this dog dirt!!! Funny how quickly the council are to ask for your council tax, but are not so quick on keeping the streets clean!! Fine the lazy dog owners, or better still make them clean the streets for a week, and the next time they would think twice before letting their dogs do their business on a busy street!!!!

Posted by Viv on 19 February 2012 at 18:08

Thank heavens for that !!...and its about time too, but why has it taken so long for Barrow Borough Council to actually do something to catch the culprits? Please keep an eye on early morning walkers or late-nighters during hours of darkness; more often than not they're the culprits, when there's no one about. It helps too if more bins for dog-poos are accessable to walkers to stop them depositting bagged poos by the roadside.

Posted by Matt on 18 February 2012 at 10:04

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