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Labour MP calls to ban prostitute site

THIRTEEN south Cumbrian prostitutes have been rated on a controversial US website.

CLOSE DOWN: Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman has condemned the site, saying it encourages men to buy sex

Twelve of the “working girls” listed are from Barrow and one is from Kendal.

The site links to the prostitutes’ websites and includes their phone numbers, and in some cases explicit photographs or videos.

Police in the county say although south Cumbria doesn’t have a huge problem with prostitution they will always act swiftly to stop vulnerable women being exploited for financial gain.

The Evening Mail has taken the decision not to reveal the website’s name to avoid promoting even more traffic to the site.

Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman has condemned the site, saying it encourages men to buy sex, adding: “It is truly degrading and puts women at risk.”

She has urged Arnold Schwarzenegger to “terminate” the controversial website, which is based in California, the state he governs.

Ms Harman’s condemnation of the website follows government plans to make it a criminal offence to buy sex from a prostitute controlled by a pimp, or from trafficked women.

The new offence will carry a fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record, which could prevent those caught from getting work in sensitive jobs.

The website advertises dozens of prostitutes from Cumbria, plus tens of thousands of women from across Britain.

It invites men to describe their experience and whether they would recommend a prostitute to other ‘punters’.

Men can then call up “field reports”.

Ms Harman said because the website is based in California, the British government had no power to shut it down.

She said: “You know Trip Advisor – a website where guests put their comments on line for others to see.

“There is now a website, like that, where pimps put women on sale for sex and then men who’ve had sex with them put their comments on line. It fuels the demand for prostitutes.

“It is truly degrading and puts women at risk.

“I’ve called on California’s governor Arnie Schwarzenegger to close it down. Surely it can’t be too difficult for the Terminator to terminate it and that’s what I am demanding that he does.”

She added: “We know that prostitution is not work. It’s exploitation of women by men - often women who have mental health problems, or drug or alcohol addiction.”

Detective Superintendent Paul Carter, of Cumbria police, said: “Prostitution isn’t a major problem in Cumbria. However, we actively target all types of serious and organised crime that has a negative impact on the quality of life of our communities.

“In the rare instances that prostitution does occur, it often involves vulnerable people who are exploited for somebody else’s financial gain.

“Whenever situations like these are identified in Cumbria, we take swift, positive action and with the help of our partners, strive to provide those involved with the support they need to break out of the destructive cycle of prostitution and crime.

“We will continue to work closely with our communities and need people to have the confidence to come forward and report any suspicious activity to police on 0845 33 00 247 so we are able to take action.”

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Apologies for the double post but these Evening Mail pages pull all sorts of stuff from far too many servers which causes the page to hang so it has to be refreshed.
Add servers and widget servers to be precise.

Posted by James P on 4 November 2009 at 12:26

Is she really paid to tell an American State Governor what he should be doing to clamp down on what she perceives to be a problem?

If the state governor was a non entity rather than the Terminator I doubt this 'story' would get any column inches in any paper. Must be a quiet news day.

Posted by James P on 3 November 2009 at 12:59

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