Sunday, 07 February 2016

‘Nightmare’ Askam speed bumps could be in wrong place

AN investigation is under way into claims speed humps were installed in a village against government legislation.

Traffic calming measures were last year introduced in Duddon Road, Askam, in conjunction with a 20mph zone.

But government legislation states that in a 20mph zone, speed bumps can be no more than 50m from the entrance to the zone and then at intervals not exceeding 100m.

Duddon Road resident Ken Hardy believes the speed bumps were sited in the wrong place.

The first set of speed bumps on Duddon Road sit approximately 170m from the entrance and the second set – outside Mr Hardy’s house – sit approximately 291m from the entrance, a gap of 121m.

Now Mr Hardy, 27, is calling on Cumbria County Council’s highways department to remove or relocate the speed bumps, which he has branded a ‘nightmare’.

He said: “When I’m lying in bed my house shakes when a car goes past. My bed shakes, even the coathangers shake. I’m losing sleep because of it waking me up. It vibrates through my house into my next door neighbour’s.

“The first weekend I was there when the speed bumps had been installed I could hear this thudding noise from outside, and I thought one of the drain covers must be loose, but I realised it was the speed bumps and the noise was constant.

“It drives me mad. No place in my house is free from the noise, even if I sit in the lounge, I can hear the radiator vibrating.

“I can’t stay in bed of a weekend because that is all I can hear.”

A Department for Transport spokeswoman said: “A 20mph zone sign may only be placed on a road if no point on that road is situated more than 50m from a traffic-calming feature.

“In practice, this means there must be a traffic calming feature no further than 50m from the entrance to the 20mph zone and then at intervals not exceeding 100m thereafter.

“The Department can grant special authorisation for traffic calming features to be placed in excess of these prescribed distances. However, no such authorisation has been granted in this area.”

A Cumbria Highways spokesman said: “Duddon Road is part of a 20mph zone with traffic-calming features.

“The idea of having a 20mph zone is to ensure that traffic is kept to this speed or below and traffic calming features such as speed humps help achieve this aim.

“Recent speed surveys show this is being achieved.

“We will investigate these concerns regarding the traffic measures in place to establish the situation and determine if any remedial work may be required.”


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