Friday, 12 February 2016

Pub to enter a new stage as Platform

A COUNTRY restaurant and bar is to be re-opened by a young entrepreneur making his first venture into the industry.

The Copper Dog in Leece has been closed for some time, but will re-open its doors to the public in mid-December, under the new name Platform.

Boss James Lancaster will run the freehold premises with the main emphasis on the restaurant.

The 22-year-old said the venture was an idea that has been in the pipeline for a number of months.

He said: “It seemed an interesting thing to get involved with.

“It’s been a popular place in the past.

“It has a nice dining area, nice potential inside and nice potential for the garden.

“So it seemed like a good opportunity.”

Mr Lancaster, who is recruiting staff, graduated from Durham University this year with a degree in politics.

Though new to the industry, he is confident the former Copper Dog, known for generations as the Queens but renamed in the 1990s, can once again be a success.

Mr Lancaster, of Niger Street, Walney, said: “I’m hoping to give it a bit of a modern twist, but nothing too outlandish.

“In the last few years two people have had it and it’s failed twice, so you need to try something different. We’re redecorating it everywhere.

“We’re going to improve the outside of the building as well, but it will be a rolling thing. We’ll move onto that next year.”


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