Monday, 08 February 2016

Toilets ‘cost too much’ to keep

A TOWN council has rejected the offer to take over an under-threat public toilet.


Under plans approved by Barrow Borough Council executive committee, four public toilets face closure.

Along with other parish councils, Dalton Town Council had been offered the chance to take over the convenience – at Dalton Cemetery – in its ward but councillors say the cost would be too high.

Dalton mayor councillor John Millar said the town council would not have the money required to bring it up to standard, or provide the running costs.

Cllr Millar said: “Why have they been allowed to get in the state that they are?

“If they (Barrow Borough Council) don’t have the money to do it, how would they expect a parish council to have the cash?

“Why has the problem not been highlighted earlier as this situation has been happening over a long period of time?

“The town council is still not in receipt of the letter from Mr (Tom) Campbell (chief executive of the borough council). The only information we have received is from the Evening Mail.”

Councillor Wendy Maddox, who represents Dalton South on Barrow Borough Council, said: “The people visiting the cemetery would be upset that there are no facilities that they can use when they’re tending graves. It is a shame we’re losing another convenience.

“If the borough council has rejected doing them up because of a money shortage, they can’t expect Dalton Town Council to do it because we would have to put the precept up to pay for it.”

Councillor Barry Doughty, who represents Dalton North on the borough Council, said: “In the case of the toilets in Dalton Cemetery, it is a shame when any public convenience closes. But it is not Disability Equality Duty compliant and weighing up the cost of refurbishment against the use would be prohibitive in light of local government cuts. Closing them saves on the cost of cleaning and maintenance.”

Other public toilets, which are set to close include those at the amphitheatre, near Furness Abbey, the toilets in Ireleth Cemetery and in Duke Street, Askam.

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Let nature run its true course,if you need to go - go,where ever you are,if caught you will get fined.
What strange behaviour for a council.
Perhaps we should go back to the 1700's and just P where you are.
Then every body will be just relieved of the councils stupidity.

Posted by Dicky on 23 July 2011 at 07:20

" is not Disability Equality Duty compliant and weighing up the cost of refurbishment against the use would be prohibitive in light of local government cuts."
So what you are saying Councillor Doughty is that a fortune has to be spent on this facility just on the off chance that once in a blue moon somebody with a disability may want to use it. And because of that the rest of us have to do without???

Posted by Penny Spender on 22 July 2011 at 19:17

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